Posted by: CESEW | 21/09/2010

Thank you!

…to everyone who helped to make ‘The Big Assembly’ such a success! Whether you were with us in Twickenham on Friday or watching remotely, we hope you and your students enjoyed the celebration.

You can watch ‘The Big Assembly’ again online by clicking here. You can also access the Holy Father’s address at ‘The Big Assembly’ by clicking here.

If you have any photos or videos of your children at Twickenham, or celebrating around the country, we’d love to see them! Please send them to and we’ll upload some of them to the blog.



  1. What a celebration! Thank you and well done to everyone who organised a truly memorable event for our pupils and for us all. Pope Benedict radiated warmth and love throughout his visit which will remain with us for ever. Our pupils loved the build up and I hope there will be more events this year to celebrate ‘catholic education’.
    Again well done and thank you for a super event!

  2. The Big Assembly was such a wonderful idea and we were very excited about watching it.
    Unfortunately, the timings given out to schools were incorrect; we were told the assembly would start at 10.15am but it didn’t start until nearer 11.15am! Our whole primary school, with children aged from 5 – 10, were left waiting for an hour for the assembly to begin. When it did start the assembly was not pitched correctly for young children. I was very disappointed and feel this was a missed opportunity to engage our children in their faith.

    • Dear Maureen

      ‘The Big Assembly’ lasted an hour, as planned and publicised. Unfortunately, we did start 40 minutes late, as a result of significant security concerns which resulted in a delay to the Holy Father’s arrival.

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