Posted by: CESEW | 15/09/2010

The final live link up notification

All schools should have received their final instructions for accessing the live link up today, including some technical info to help you in case you encounter difficulties. Please read the instructions carefully and make sure you test the link up before Friday morning!

We are also delighted that the warm up for ‘The Big Assembly’ will now be broadcast LIVE online as well from 9-10am – details can be found in the email about the live link up.

If you haven’t received the email about the link up, please contact your Diocesan co-ordinator, as they have all received the same information as schools and should be able to help. Please note that all of ‘The Big Assembly’ coreĀ team will be working on site from now until the Holy Father’s arrival so we won’t be able to respond to emails directly.



  1. Havwe not received my information for the Big assembly yet.
    Have I missed something

  2. Could you send the recent information in the same way you have sent all other information as I have had no extra details about the live feed.
    We are due to show the feed to the whole school and I am worried that we are not going to be able to do so.

    • Hi all

      If you haven’t had your instructions yet please contact your Diocesan education office – they all have the instructions and should be able to help

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