Posted by: CESEW | 13/09/2010

4 days to go! Work begins on site

4 days to go!

Some of the team were down on site at St Mary’s this morning and the site is rapidly being transformed into a venue fit for a Pope! You can see from the photos below that the stage has been erected and trackway has been put down on the running track to enable to Popemobile to travel around it when the Holy Father arrives at ‘The Big Assembly’.

Every participant at ‘The Big Assembly’ will also receive a goodie bag when they arrive, the contents of which have been donated by St Mary’s University College, Cafod, the Catholic Association of Teachers in Schools and Colleges and various local businesses. The contents of the goodie bags have begun to arrive today – starting with 4000 bottles of water! Geraldine Davies from St Mary’s has kindly co-ordinated the organisation of the goodie bags and her team of helpers will begin to put these together later this week. You can see Geraldine unloading the bottles of water below.



  1. I can imagine how the excitement is mounting down at St. Mary’s for the “Big Assembly”. The same is happening up in Oldham. Here all the Catholic Primary Schools are working together and holding a massive non uniform day where all the children will come to school in yellow and white to celebrate Pope Benedict’s vist. Many of them are using the day to raise funds to support CAFOD’s appeal for the flood victims in Pakistan so that we can show our unity with the suffering people there. The local papers are coming in on Friday morning to see the children watching the Big Assembly and taking part in the in all the festivities. Good luck with the preparations in St Mary’s I will see you all on Thursday for the rehearsal.

  2. Hello – THANK YOU for the Goodie Bags!!!!!

    Can I just ask :

    Please can you tell us urgently about more live feed tests?…At the moment it isn’t looking like our children will be able to watch…We need more tests to work out what is going wrong…….=8-({—{

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