Posted by: CESEW | 12/09/2010

5 days to go! Bishop Malcolm McMahon OP to welcome Pope

5 days to go!

The team are all looking forward to this Friday and the last push is really on to make sure that ‘The Big Assembly’ is a big success! Over the course of this week we’ll be joined on site at St Mary’s by all of the different people who have been working over the months to bring ‘The Big Assembly’ together.

One of the key people in this is Bishop Malcolm McMahon OP. Bishop McMahon is not only Bishop of Nottingham, but he is also the Chairman of the Catholic Education Service for England and Wales and the Chair of the Bishops’ Department of Education and Formation. As such he takes a special interest in education on behalf of all of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales and so he will be the Bishop who welcomes the Holy Father to ‘The Big Assembly’. You’ll see him on stage telling us a bit about ‘The Big Assembly’ during the warm up on site if you’re coming to St Mary’s as a participant on the day, and everyone will be able to watch his welcome live during the webstream of ‘The Big Assembly’ via

Don’t forget that one of our choirs, Maria Fidelis, will be on Songs of Praise on BBC1 at 7.20pm (this is slightly earlier than the time originally published). You can watch a preview online here and you’ll be able to watch the programme on BBC iPlayer for a week after the broadcast.



  1. When will the order of service for The Big Assembiy be available? We are a Nursery and Infant School, therefore we will not be watching the entire event. However, we would like to send out invitations to parents and governors to join us.
    The order of service will enable us to decide which part to watch so that the children can join in with the songs they have learnt.

    • Dear Grazyna

      The outline order of service is available in the Magnificat (click here to download the pdf) and we’ll put the full order of service online in the next few days.
      ‘The Big Assembly’ will last for an hour so it isn’t that long – it would be great to encourage your pupils to watch it in full!

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