Posted by: CESEW | 11/09/2010

6 days to go! How will YOU celebrate the Year of Catholic Education?

6 days to go!

Those of you who were listening closely to Archbishop Vincent Nichols’ message to schools yesterday will have heard him say that ‘The Big Assembly’ with the Holy Father will also mark the start of the Year of Catholic Education across England and Wales. This means that our celebration of Catholic education will not just last for one day next Friday, but in fact will go on for a whole year.

You may already have heard about plans in your own Diocese to celebrate this, or you might be planning something yourself. ‘The Big Assembly’ team have lots of ideas and if you’re a headteacher you’ll be hearing about some of the national plans for celebrating this special year over the coming months. However, we’re also keen to hear what you might be planning, or if you have any suggestions for what we could all do to help our celebrations to continue. Let us know using the comment box below!



  1. We’ll be having our usual Staff Retreat based around the writings of the Patron Sait of Teachers. This year our ‘creative theme’ has been moulding – I gave the staff plasticine during our opening year liturgy…..and we’ll be working with clay during the retreat.De La Salle’s last words, “I adore in all things the will of God in my regard.” and his adamant statement, “This work is Yours!” will fit nicely into this.
    We already celebrate Catholic Education every day and recognise that our job isn’t to teach Literacy and Maths….but rather to save souls and we can do that by turning our kids out with the skills they need.

  2. It was great to be able to watch Archbishop Nichols’ address afterwards. Will this facility be available after Friday’s event?

    • Yes it will be! We’ll post the link on the site as soon as it’s available afterwards.

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