Posted by: CESEW | 10/09/2010

Web streaming this morning

Thanks to all those schools who have let us know that they had difficulties accessing the web stream this morning. Our web team are working to resolve these so that the broadcast will run smoothly next week!



  1. You are wonderful, thank you! We’ll pray for you!

  2. We EVENTUALLY got sight of Vincent Nichols this morning ~ heard a couple of his words and then the screen froze and he eventually disappeared.
    Oh dear!
    Improvements for next week ???

    St Paul’s Catholic Primary School
    LS17 5ES

  3. Thank you for this update. We were unable to link up on time for the majority of our pupils to watch despite going online well in advance. Is the Papal Mass on Friday 17th being broadcast on BBC TV? It would be helpful as a fallback.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Mrs Smith

      The Big Assembly won’t be being broadcast on BBC TV but will be on EWTN – more info is on their website:

      We’re working to fix the glitches from this morning so that the same problems don’t occur next week.

  4. We moved break to enable us to watch…picture kept sticking and could hear what the Archbishop said.

    Great idea, but hope it is better next week

  5. Please say the feed will be clearer next week, it will be such a shame to miss out! It will be a shame to see all our students dressed up in white and yellow without anything to watch! Many prayers for your great work!

  6. I wanted to let you all know that we were able to watch Archbishop Vincent Nichols with our year 6 children this morrning and had no problems accessing the site. It was really enjoyable and we look forward with immense enthusiasm to next week.

  7. The broadcast was great. Archbishop Nichols was clear with his message. Even Year 1 were able to give their informed feedback.
    Most of our school were able to access the site (as we were in year groups due to buliding work at school).
    Thanks. Looking forward to next week.

  8. We managed to see and hear the Archbishop perfectly this morning. We asked our LA to remove blocks beforehand so this might be part of the reason we didn’t have any problems. Let’s hope things go smoothly for everyone next week!

    St Anne’s Catholic Primary School

  9. We had no problems accessing the website this morning but the image kept freezing, although we still had the sound. However, for the last 7 minutes of the broadcast the sound went as well. Hope this can be rectified for next week.
    Thank you!

  10. We could not get the link to work at all. I did hold an assembly anyway and used the ‘Why does the Pope wear white’ book with the children.

    Will the broadcast be available for download afterwards to use as this maybe a better option to ensure that it is working without problems and leaving 200+ children waiting for something that does not work?

  11. This link was played at the Oratory Primary School after Mass this morning. I was just watching the clip at home & my daughter Jacinta told me she had seen it already! I loved the way + Vincent spoke to the children & I loved his leading us in the Lord’s Prayer. Very moving.
    I liked his sense of humour at the end..” Hasta La Vista! ” Thankyou for providing this service. 12 members of the school will be in Twickenham next Friday for the Big Assembly & their school can watch the Holy Father speaking to them.
    God bless.

  12. We had no problems viewing it was great! We loved being a part of history all the children are very excitied about The Big Assembly.

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