Posted by: CESEW | 10/09/2010

Archbishop Vincent Nichols – broadcasting live from 10.30am this morning!

1 week to go!

Don’t forget that Archbishop Vincent Nichols will be speaking live to every school this morning from10.30am online at Just click on the green box on the website to watch the webcast.

If you’re unsure whether your school can access the webcast, check out our post from yesterday where we gave some more info about the requirements needed.



  1. Thank you for setting this up…it gave us a chance to find out that it crashed for us….so we still have time to talk to people and get it up for next week.

    Are you planning to cache the address so that we can show the children – they were very disappointed after the big build-up?

    Also are you planning to make a DVD of ‘The BIg Assembly’ at all as we would definitely buy that…and if it doesn’t work for us next week the children will be crushingly disappointed….

    Thank you!


  2. No one in Schoool could get through -even to the website – was this just our problem i.e. firewalls; LA blocking; our technical capacity etc or did this happen because of the demand and the surge in hits to the site at that time -i.e. were we alone??

  3. Just watched the broadcast with my year 9 R.E. class. Absolutely no problems! They listened attentively and it was good for them to receive a real-live communication about the event. We will be following up with a whole school act of worship which will focus on the two main statements “Live life to the full” and “Heart unto heart”.
    It was lovely to be led in prayer and receive a blessing.

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