Posted by: CESEW | 10/09/2010

Archbishop Nichols’ message to schools – now available online

Archbishop Vincent Nichols’ message to schools is now available to watch online. Just click here to watch it again.

Don’t forget that the Archbishop has set every school three things to do in this last week before ‘The Big Assembly’:

1. Find out some more about Pope Benedict XVI, about John Henry Newman and about the theme for ‘The Big Assembly’, ‘I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full’. You can use the resources on this blog to help you – just click here

2. Prepare for next Friday! Invite your parents, parishioners and local community to your school to celebrate ‘The Big Assembly’ with you next Friday.

3. Pray for the success of the Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United Kingdom.

Our web team are working to resolve the streaming problems that some schools encountered this morning. We’ll be doing more tests this week to make sure that the live feed works next Friday – so please make sure you all tune in!



  1. More tests? Fantastic….If they were at the same time each day it would really help the LA tech people and they don’t need to be fancy….even someone reading a book out loud would be useful so that they can track down the problems we had last Friday.

    We’re very excited!

    Thank you!


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