Posted by: CESEW | 09/09/2010

Some more information about the live streaming

We’ve had a few emails from schools who are worried they might not have the correct software to enable them to watch the live stream of ‘The Big Assembly’ or Archbishop Nichols’ address to schools this Friday. Below you’ll find some more detailed information about the stream, which should enable you to make sure your school is able to access the stream.

The live and on-demand webcast is accessible via The feed to Archbishop Nichols’ address will be available from 10am Friday 10th September. The address itself will start at approximately 10.30am and last for 10-15 minutes. 

If you have any difficulties accessing the webcast here is some more information: 


It is being streamed as Flash video and you will require broadband Internet access.

Make sure there are no restrictions (firewall or otherwise) on allowing certain media types through (flash video)

Please enable Firewall/DNS exception to allow for papal visit domain: 


Please ensure that you test the feed as soon as possible before the address starts

You will have a re-size option on the media player to allow full screen and for those who are using projection or larger screens for group viewing this is a good option.



  1. Thank you for your emails and the last one about teh broadcast was very helpful.

    Is it possible to record the broadcast or is available afterwards anyway?

    Many thanks

    Catherine Vaux

  2. Tried and failed to show the address to schools this am – will it be put somewhere esle so that we can download and show next week before the big assembly
    Any other schools having problems with the live feed?

    • We also had problems this am and would like the opportunity to see the address to schools before next week.
      Does anyone know the ipaddress of the site the live feed is coming from because its possible that our system has blocked it.

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