Posted by: CESEW | 06/09/2010

Magnificat – now online

A million copies of the ‘Magnificat – Liturgies and Events of the Papal Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United Kingdom’ have now been distributed to parishes across England, Scotland and Wales, so please encourage staff and pupils to pick up a copy from their parish (if they haven’t already done so!)

‘Magnificat’ is also available to download as a pdf, so if you haven’t managed to get a paper copy you can access the electronic version by clicking here.

The section for ‘The Big Assembly’ begins on page 150, and includes a brief history of Catholic education, as well as an outline order of service for Friday 17th September.

Participants at ‘The Big Assembly’ will be given a fuller order of service so that everyone can follow what’s happening, and we’ll be uploading that as a pdf very soon.



  1. Do we need a password or link for the Big Assembly.
    I may have missed something

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