Posted by: CESEW | 06/09/2010

A word from the co-ordinator of ‘The Big Assembly’

11 days to go!

We’re now really into the final stages of preparation for ‘The Big Assembly’ (you can see some of our team hard at work in the photo below). Today we’ve heard from Oona Stannard, the co-ordinator for ‘The Big Assembly’, about her thoughts as we enter the last 11 days of preparation for the Holy Father’s visit to St Mary’s University College.

“The excitement is mounting for the Papal visit and The Big Assembly – it is remarkable to realise that we now talk of it in terms of “next week”!  Here at CESEW we are all beginning to feel swept up in the preparations for the event with great joy and anticipation.  This isn’t to say that we don’t still have an enormous amount of operational work and preparation to do but somehow the feeling of it all being so close energises and enthuses us.  I think we are all well aware that this is a really historic event and we are very privileged to play a small part within it.

 Inevitably there are endless meetings to ensure that everything is on target as we work closely with WRG, the company that is masterminding the event management.  As Vice-Chair of the Board of St Mary’s University College I also have a keen interest in the three events which will be taking place there that day and hoping that St Mary’s will make a very positive impact on all who visit for one of the three events.  The first of these is a meeting with Religious in the Chapel.  I am delighted that our Diocesan Education Officer colleagues will also participate in this time of prayer with the Holy Father.  The Chapel at St Mary’s is a truly lovely place, modelled on the great Cathedral in Albi in France.  It is a very restful, prayerful place as you will see in the photograph below.” 

Oona Stannard
Chief Executive & Director


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