Posted by: CESEW | 01/09/2010

Welcome back!

If you’re a teacher or a student who has just returned from your summer holiday then welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your summer break.

Over the summer the Big Assembly team have been working hard to bring the event together. You may have seen that the full timetable for the visit (including the timings for the Big Assembly) has now been published. Click here to see it.

We’ll be publishing the full order of service online in the next few days so that your pupils are able to follow what’s happening on the day.

We’ve had a few queries about the live feed – don’t forget that this will be available via LIVE on Friday 17th September, and will include coverage of the Big Assembly in its entirety. The Big Assembly will also be featured in tv and radio coverage, but if you want to watch the entire event, the best way to do this is via the web stream.



  1. Thank you for the information about the webcast.
    We often have problems accessing streaming in school. Could you please put out a test transmission so that we can make sure it works?

    We really can’t wait until the day to try it as that will be too late and our children will probably, as in many schools, miss out.


  2. Glad to see that there will be an opportunity for schools to participate in The Big Assembly through an on-line real time (?) stream. It will be wonderful event if schools across the nation are able to participate together with those who stand in the presence of the Pope at Twickenham – the power of prayer in action and a real sense of Cohesion in our communities will be tangible

    We would definitely appreciate an opportunity for testing it out before the big day. Current filtering protocols in Hertfordshire do not allow access to much web-video based materials. Eg the wonderful ‘From the Heart’ converstaions with Bishops on the Papal Website do not seem to work in school – I assume because they are uploaded via Vimeo, which like YouTube, is a site that is not accessible in Herts. schools.

    Am a little worried that the same will happen with The Big Assembly, especially if the TV broadcast is not of the full event.

    Please advise. Many thanks.

    • Dear Jon

      Don’t panic! The video stream will come directly from, so provided that your school is able to access this website, you should be able to watch ‘The Big Assembly’ live.

      We expect that there will be a special broadcast for schools shortly before ‘The Big Assembly’, which will also come from – watch this space for more info on this in the next couple of days!

  3. Are the hymns (vocals and non vocals) for The Big Assembly available as a download?

    • Hi Annie
      Links to the words of the hymns are available online here. You can find the music in most hymn books if you want the instrumental parts.

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