Posted by: CESEW | 06/08/2010

Taking part in ‘The Big Assembly’

All of the places at ‘The Big Assembly’ have now been allocated, so if you’re one of the pupils or teachers who will be there on the day, you should have heard from your Diocese by now.

However, even if you can’t be at St Mary’s on the day, you can still join in! Don’t forget that ‘The Big Assembly’ will be broadcast live – more details to follow soon. We hope that every Catholic school in the country will be watching live, and if you want to download the lyrics to the hymns, don’t forget that you can do that by clicking here.

Let us know how your school plans to celebrate ‘The Big Assembly’ using the comment box below!



  1. Hello! We’ll have seventeen children there at Strawberry Hill.
    We also hope for all our children in Huyton to watch live streaming of ‘THe Big Assembly’ in their classes as well as many other things going on that week, such as the group being followed by the BBC.

    One worry we have is that we won’t have enough time to get the website streaming sorted. In order for our technicians to set-up the live feed for us and make sure it works we need time….can you please tell us the URL asap or we won’t be able to watch it.

    Thank you!

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