Posted by: CESEW | 08/07/2010

Powerpoint: Spiritual Bouquet Part 1

More powerpoint presentations available today, again courtesy of our colleagues at the Scottish Catholic Education Service. This is the first in a four-part ‘spiritual bouquet’ series.

There are two versions of this presentation, for both primary and secondary schools.

Although the powerpoints are loosely based around the Scottish term dates, they contain valuable readings, reflections and quotes to be used in the run up to the Papal Visit.

You can access the presentation by clicking here



  1. How do we open the powerpoints

    I can only seem to access a page telling me about them!!

    Also is ther any advie for making the Big Assembly accessible for KS1 pupils?

    • Hi Kaye
      The powerpoints should be downloadable via links at the bottom of each page giving you the information about them. If you’re still having problems with specific powerpoints do let us know.
      The primary powerpoints are designed for use by KS1 and KS2 pupils. One activity you might like to make use of for KS1 pupils is the preparatory calendar, available online here

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