Posted by: CESEW | 24/06/2010

How can my school get involved?

The Holy Father will be meeting over 3000 children and young people at the Big Assembly on 17th September. However, for those people who won’t be able to attend the Big Assembly itself, there are other ways that they can get involved.

Firstly, the Big Assembly will be televised (more details on this to follow soon!), so we hope that every school will be watching from wherever they are that morning. It would be great if schools decided to invite parents, parishioners or members of their local community to join them for this. Why not have a party to celebrate Catholic education alongside the Holy Father?

Secondly, there will be three hymns sung by the whole congregation at St Mary’s during the Big Assembly. We’ll be posting more details about these hymns on the blog soon and we’d encourage every school to practise them now in readiness for September.

Thirdly, there will be lots of resources being posted online here over the next few weeks, to help to prepare children and young people for the visit. Please make use of these in your lesson planning and during assemblies.

Let us know what you’re doing to prepare for the Holy Father’s visit this September using the comment box below!



  1. We have just installed a flagpole which will fly the Papal flag when the Holy Father comes to England.
    we are also preparing a very large banner to put acrioss the front of the school to welcome the Pope.
    We will be arranging other events- watch this space!

  2. Is it still possible for our school to be part of “The Big Assembly”?

    • Yes! All places at the Big Assembly event have been allocated by Diocesan officers now, but we hope that every Catholic school across the UK will watch the event live and join in from where they are – more details on how to join in from where you are will be posted soon!

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