Posted by: CESEW | 08/06/2010

Place allocation update

We’ve had a few queries from schools over the last few days about place allocations for the Big Assembly so we thought this would be a good opportunity to explain how places are being allocated.

Each Diocese has received an allocation of places for the Big Assembly. The Diocesan co-ordinators for the educational aspects of the visit are currently in the process of allocating those places to schools within their Dioceses.

At the moment, no individual places are being allocated by the core team who are organising the Big Assembly.

If you have any questions about logistical arrangements for the visit, why not visit the FAQs tab at the top of this page, or, alternatively, please post your question below and we’ll do our best to answer it.



  1. Will “The Big Assembly”be televised live by BBC, ITV etc? It would be fantastic if students in our schools were able to watch the event in real time.

    • We expect that the Big Assembly will be televised but don’t yet have the final details – we’ll post more information on here as soon as we can.

  2. Hi
    Can you tell me if the Big Assembly is taking place indoors or out. If outside is their seating or do we need to bring our own.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Bernie
      ‘The Big Assembly’ is taking place on a running track so, yes, it will be outside!
      Anyone who has a place will receive joining instructions in the next few days, which will give them all the information they need to know regarding timings, what to bring and what to expect on the day.

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