Posted by: CESEW | 26/05/2010

Place allocations for schools

Exciting news today – place allocations for “The Big Assembly” at St Mary’s University College have been released to every Diocese across England and Wales (Scottish Dioceses are being dealt with separately so the timetable may be slightly different for them).

Each Diocese has nominated a designated co-ordinator for the educational aspects of the Papal Visit and these co-ordinators will manage the allocation of places within their Diocese. Sadly there won’t be space for every teacher and student to attend the event but we hope that as many people as possible will be included in some way.

There will be further information on this blog and on in the coming months about how your school can get involved in the education celebrations even if you aren’t able to attend “The Big Assembly” in person, so keep checking back here for all of the latest news (don’t forget that you can sign up to receive notifications of updates to this blog via the link to the right).


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